Our cleaning services
Office cleaning
from 250 Kč
All available surfaces and floors

Carpets and floors cleaning

Removing dust from hard-to-reach places

Washing and polishing all furniture (including interior items)

Cleaning and mopping (without wax and emulsion)
  • Garbage packaging and disposal
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General / Regular cleaning
from 200 Kč
All available surfaces and floors

Taking out the trash

Carpets, upholstered furniture vacuuming

Dust removing from household appliances, cornices

Glasses and mirror surfaces rubbing
  • More details (contact our manager for further details)
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Carpet cleaning
from 500 Kč
New carpet cleaning technologies are used

Possibility of cleaning for allergy sufferers

We perform work quickly and efficiently
  • More details (contact our manager for further details)
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Cleaning after renovation
from 250 Kč
All available surfaces and floors

Dedusting walls, ceilings, doors

Wipe off lightning devices, cornices

Carpets and upholstered furniture vacuuming

Glasses and mirrors rubbing

Wiping down window sills, radiators, pipes
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How do we work
Leave a request on our website
Price calculation
Our manager will contact You and clarify all the details about the upcoming cleanup
Our specialists will come at the suitable for You time and do the cleaning
Payment is done after quality check and upon your smile
Frequently asked questions
What do cleaning prices depend on?
The cleaning price depends on the following components:
Apartment / house area
The type of service you have ordered
Your individual wishes
Can you sign a contract for regular cleaning? Will there be a discount?
Yes, you can conclude a contract with us and we will give you a discount as a regular customer.
You can find out all the details by phone or e-mail.
What is not included in the cleaning cost?
Cleaning does not include ceilings, blinds and walls. We also do not move heavy furniture.
If your employee breaks something, who takes responsible for that?
Our company employs professionals with many years of experience. We can assure you that such situations will not arise.
If this does happen, we guarantee compensation for damage caused by our employee.
What to do if valuable items are missing after cleaning?
Don't worry ❤️
Before hiring, all employees are checked by the security service and they do value their job.
If, nevertheless, a similar situation happens and you doubt the honesty of our employee, contact us and we will take the necessary measures.

Feedback from our customers
Marina Ščerbina
I recommend all the services. It was a pleasure
The cleaning was really good, they even washed my carpets. All done professionally, wonderful prices. I will surely use their help again
Виктория Бозенко
Вечером оставили заявку и договорилась об уборке. Менеджер внимательно выслушала, подтвердила заявку. Сегодня бригада уборщиков была на месте. Приехали даже чуть раньше.
Matteo Limardo
I have used this service for the first time and i'm completely satisfied, from booking the day to the cleaning itself, everything was very professional and all the communication were in English, i strongly recommend this cleaning service and i will use it again. Good job! Thank you
Яна Шевченко
Everything was great. 1.5h after my call I already had cleaning help in the house. Super fast, clean and professional. Reccomend and would use their service again.

Александр Кузнецов
В Úklidová firma Praha очень ответственные сотрудники. Ответственно подходят к обычной уборке и генеральной. Квартира просто сияет. Делают все аккуратно и быстро. Уборщицы не отвлекаются, бережно относятся к вещам. Советую!
Nikole Vu
I was amazed by how quickly everything was communicated and agreed on - the cleaner was professional, friendly; everything was detailed and done well!
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